Stage: -Gaming Systems-

Feels like a tech demo, making it into a game

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What to expect ?

Reclaim the void and compete

A promising background amounts to dust when your foundation crumbles, struggle to find your place in this evolving universe.


A new and modern style of persistent browser-based role playing game working on most devices straight from your browser.

Different Playstyles

Supports active and passive playstyles, your character never sleeps, even when you log off. Fight, Mine, Trade, in short do what you want.


Build modules and spaceships from the ground up, Sell your items to other players or to factions and build up your renown across the universe.


Personnalize your ship and your avatar by gettings achievements or getting known to the locals. Band with other players or join a faction.

When can I play it ?

When it is ready !

The beta used to be planned for January 2022, now it’s obvious it'll need more time

Dev logs

State of things - April 9th 2022

I decided to take the time I need to finish the projects instead of rushing for a delivery date. It feels a bit crippling trying to juggle my current obligations with this release

Instead of a countdown to an arbitrary date, I changed my schedule to invest a certain amount of time per week on the project until I find it fun to play

Until then, I'll post more on this page

To give an idea on the state of things, the communication layer, server/security, basic navigation/exploring and 60% of the UI is complete. at the moment it looks like a tech demo.

New Year and Delays - January 1st 2022

It's been a while, 2021 was a weird year and as a solo developper there's some things that makes it hard to deliver to beta on time.

September was really productive and the game started looking like a playable thing. Navigation, Event Queuing and basic client-server functionnalities got nailed down.

Then october hit, and a close family member got a life-threatening visit to the hospital that lasted a month, which threw me off

November I got sick with a random flu/cold which gave me vestibular neuritis, it ain't much fun when you can't look at a screen without feeling like the world is spinning.

December, life finally got back to normal and I got back on the project, which still leaves me off by a bit, tried to catch up but it's not realistic to release by January 15th anymore

So I'm delaying the beta release

I wish you all happy holidays and a great new year, I'll keep you posted here on the happenings of RTV.

Active or Passive Gameplay - Sept. 12th 2021

The goal with Rule The Void, is to achieve a pbbg that accomodates both passive and active playstyles. It should be rewarding to be active and yet not required. On the flipside it should'nt feel like you have to spend 10 hours in the game everyday to be 'competitive'.

With that in mind, most activities will work as a mini-game if you want it to be, but with an automated gameplay for lesser gains.

Also to promote some active gameplay, the first X active actions of each activities will reward 10 time as much as the successive one, I might make that progressive instead of 10X to 1X after the daily activies are spent.

I'm aiming at the moment for a 5X difference between active and passive playstyles (after the daily reward is spent)

As usual, this is not final, but it's my current iteration. It is one of the many things to review at the Beta.

A New Journey - Sept. 1st. 2021

I've been preparing this game for a while now, trying to build a game that I would like to play and that is accessible to different kind of players sharing the same world. I went the route of space exploration for this game: Explore planets, find resources, build spaceships/stations, establish relationships with npc factions, etc. I want to make a game that evolves when you're not around as a player and that we can share.

Different activities that plays completely differently will be available as well as a way to make your character keep it up while you are offline for worse results. Mining / Gas Extraction / Building / Combat / Exploration / Trading, those are the core activities I'm designing the whole game to revolves around, with some side-activies like managing a faction, completing quests, gaining renown to keep the gameplay fresh.

I will post new dev logs about the state of developement here in the upcoming weeks until the release.

See you all in a few months in my handcrafted universe.